SciNote Integration

Connecting to SciNote

You can export your Aha Notes to SciNote by authorizing Aha to gain access to your SciNote account. The process is simple and you only have to authorize once.

Exporting to SciNote

Export your note from Aha to SciNote with just a couple of clicks. Once you have exported your note, the folder detail for the note will show you all the export information. If you make an update to that note, you can re-export it to the same folder.

Choosing Location within SciNote

The process for exporting your note will walk you through selecting the team, project, experiment, and task you want to associate with that note. The note will be attached as a result on that task.

Quick Exports with SciNote Folders

A note that has been exported to SciNote will be organized into folders in Aha that mimic SciNote. This gives you an easy way to see where you exported your notes and allows you to export new notes more quickly. If you open Aha to a specific task's folder, you can create a new note that will automatically be exported to that task. You can do the same for team, project, or experiment folders within Aha – if you start in a particular folder and create a note, your export will start at the corresponding location in SciNote.

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